A downloadable Unbound for Windows

Unbound is on Kickstarter Now!!!

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Unbound is an atmospheric 2D Puzzle-Platformer where the main character, Soli, can conjure magic portals to travel between different realities in order to learn more about the catastrophe that ravaged his world. Inside certain portals, the physical properties of the character or world elements can change, offering new gameplay possibilities.

Play with Portals:

  This portal affects and transforms everything and everyone around you. Beware of the innocent creatures - they might have evil lurking within them...   

 This portal allows you to you run faster and jump higher. Not only will it help you solve an array of challenges, it's also a lot of fun! 

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Install instructions

The current version is only a demo . It's only for Windows x64. But we hope that in the future we will add Mac and Linux Os too.


Unbound Kickstarter Demo 611 MB

Development log


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We absolutely adored the art style, and the game mechanics,l!!  Awesome job so far guys!!  We had an absolute blast!!


Thank you sir! Glad ythat you like it


It is a terrific game, we are looking forward to the full release!!


You have an amazing concept and have applied game mechanics that play extremely well, and whilst the story is only basic at the moment i do feel like when its finished it could be an extremely good game to play.

Thanks a loot man<3

i had problems whit the download link, it's probably broken.

Hmm worked for other...Can you try on Steam? https://store.steampowered.com/app/814680/Unbound_Worlds_Apart/

from steam it worked thanks..
i'll try the demo next week :)


Hello there! Loved the mechanic, the portal is a nice touch! Then the art style is really pleasing! Great game overall! keep up the good work! 

Have you considered participating in out GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our itch.io page for more infos :) 

I think we applied 2 years ago

Hey! It doesn't matter you can always apply again this year :) 

oh ok :D

i cant get past the bit where my character is constantly falling. any help? :3


(1 edit)

I dont know my character is just falling and my game didnt crash at all though or freeze or anything :/

I'll try again

the game didn't load the assets, and you fell through the map. restart from last checkpoint, it happened to me about 7 times.

Hmm please try on lower graphics settings and lower resolution. The game is not currently optimize and can have this problem

I have a gamiing pc, lol. It's not my pc's fault, and the person I replied to had the issue as well, and that's what the problem is - the assets didnt load - i can guarantee they got to the part where you're going after the first shard. the pit where you get the light source effect, 9 times out of 10, it never loads the assets.  not my pc fault, lol.

I linked a Devil May Cry 5 video I recorded on my pc and linked it on steam to show you my pc isn't weak xD

Ok..we really need to optimize it a lot :)


Neat, Polished and Fun.


I thought this was very interesting. I enjoyed the art and game mechanics, although I'm not that good at platformers. I think the full release will be great. Good job!

I m a happy panda now

I played it a little and it's very relaxing. This game deserves all the support, truly. I also just love the art and the story is quite unique. Keep up the amazing work! Feel free to check out some gameplay, but be warned! There are spoilers and the first puzzles are solved. I left the hard ones out though. That's where I cut the video ;) Because the first ones are quite easy! I've put the kickstarter link in the description as well!

<3 Haha thank you for the kind words! You are amazing. I also liked the video


You're welcome and thank you very much for checking it out. I love to not cut any parts when there is such a beautiful song playing in the background. Also the art style is too nice to cut out. I kept it pure gameplay even my fails :) it also demonstrates that some small mistakes can make you have to restart from the checkpoint ;p

Thank you man.  that's really ok!

Excellent demo. Can't wait to play the full version :)

Thank you very much :P


so fucking good

sorry for swearing xD

no problem, I swear too


o thank you :)